Friday, August 6, 2010

Ando and Friends Coloring Contest 2010!!

Here is my entry for the Ando & Friends Coloring Contest this year! I had a lot of fun working on it. It is completely recycled!

Steps I took in making a recycled fun piece:

Step 1. Go down to your secret spot on the beach and gather some sweet materials including: sea rocks, sea glass, driftwood mini pieces, shells galore!

Step 2. Go into your closet and dig out the hemp!

Step 3. Sort your findings in color groups...pretty time consuming. ; o

Step 4: Get the Elmer's glue out and get busy gluing away! Stay in the lines!

Step 5: Rejoice because you have spent hours creating a fun new piece of recycled art!!!

Step 6: Write a poem about the is my poem, entitled "Sandy Hair Sliding"

-Sea glass, sea foam, sea wood, hemp.
-Sea rock, sea shells, sea green, fun!

-Toob city ridin' the Alaya,
-Hemp trail flew,
-Driftwood barrel,
-Take me through.

-Stylin' Ando threads of seaglass,
-Green, white, & brown,
-Sandy Hair Slidin'
-For the love of ocean I've found.

Step 7: Kiss your piece goodbye, she is off to the art contest! Sianara!

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