Friday, March 26, 2010

Kasleberry Studio Sneak Peak

I like to work on many pieces at once.

Even more works in progress. I have really become obsessed with the swoopy waves and whales.

Susan keeps me company, but is is funny how she stares at the wall..


  1. Your arts are looking really cool Allison... I love the fish ocean sun plate, and the whale board. I have an idea...
    I find it fascinating that Susan sits with her back to your art like that, do you think she is trying to make some kind of statement? Have you ever tried to put something in front of her, like a painting of a mouse or something?

  2. Man! that water really pops on that fish bowl plate thing-- I looked at it again---up close--what's that one called? My favorite stuff of yours is the simple stuff, the simpler the cooler---can you do something based on that concept, simplicity, I mean I know thats something you incorporate in all your work, but I'm talking about radical simplicity... Is it okay to use the term pop, i guess its a design term, don't be mad, I'm not an artisss...

  3. I love you! I didn't know you had a blog. Were on the same blogspot~ Now I can follow you. You're art is looking bad ass lover hole!!!!!
    I am so proud of you!