Tuesday, November 3, 2009

9-9-9 Art Show

9-9-9 is a show I took part in this past September.

A pic of my art on display.

Setting my business cards up.

The band.

Az and I enjoying the night-life.

The lighting for this show was neato.

Off to the show we go...believe it or not...this is a pic of the freeway while we were driving.
Kind of looks like an ocean to me, with lights in the sky.

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Art

My new business card holder

Shantyville (actually not new but recently shown ; )

Landing Pad

Blubbering Bottle

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pancake and Booze Art Exhibit 2009

Hey friends! I recently took part in a fun art show in Los Angeles this past week called the Pancakes and Booze Art Show. It was a fun arty time. A bunch of my friends came out to support and it was a really special night. There was live painting and "all you can eat" pancakes. Above is a pic of some peeps checkin' out my work. Below is a pic of my art on display.

Here is my friend Courtney checking out some of the sweet art.

Courtney and I checkin out some work.

Scott taking a gander.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Patagonia Designs

Hey guys! My designs for Patagonia Fall 2009 are out. Check out the link!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Brendan Borek Art Show 2009

Heyo! The Bren
dan Borek Art Show this year was awesome as usual. There was a slew of fun art. Each year is better than the next. If you haven't heard about The Brendan Borek High Tides Memorial Fund... Check the website!
Here are some of my pieces from the show.
The bottle above is called "Capt. Ahab's Ketchup." Someone bought this ketchup.

This one went home with someone and is called "Burp."

This one is called "A Phill Collins Song." It sold too.

<---This one did not get adopted at the show...tear, tear. Her name is "Feather Oil."

Below is "Hey Zeusfish."
A friend bought this one and is putting it on his boat.

Last, but certainly not least, is "Tower 'O" Power." She didn't sell, but she is my favorite.
This is her second appearance on Kasleberry Blogfest. Maybe she will be gone when the next show rolls around...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fishy Business Tee

Here is a new design that I submitted to Threadless! Check it out on threadless and give it a score now!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sum neue paintings!

Hello friends! I was reminded by a friend the other day that my blog was lookin a little stark, and I thought...Wow, it sure is! Then I realized that I haven't been doing much art lately, due to a rather relentless injury. BUT...here are few paintings that I managed to create this summer and totally forgot to tell you about. This first one is called "Bird Palace Yo!" Haha, funny name.
What you think? The next one is called "Splendid Thought." This one got to go out to a little party called The Billabong Design for Humanity Show. Here is da link to a slideshow of the event.A Party With a Purpose!

Enjoy kids! Thanks Morgan ; )

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Hello friends! I recently submitted a design to Threadless.com. Check it out!

The shirt is called Bird Hotel. I created this drawing a while ago and thought it would make a fun t shirt. Have you ever wondered about where all the little birdies sleep at night?! Well, I have seen in person that it is very difficult for them to find a place to stay! All of the upscale bird condos are always full! Even the lower income bird motels are filled to the very last leafy branch! Some birdies are forced to sleep in the bushes! OH MY!

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Birdie Wedding Project

Hello all! Welcome to my first ever blog! It is about a wedding and some birdies. I was recently married in March...Yay! It was an amazing day that could not have been possible without all of the support of our friends and family. I ended up creating all of the wedding paraphernalia at home from random scraps and stuffs. It was tedious at times, but it was all worth it. I just wanted to see the smiles on my loved ones faces. I chose to create everything around one theme...Love Birds!!! I guess I could also call the theme "That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!"
That is the reply that I received the most for this one...our cake topper.
It is pretty cute. I made these two love birds out of scrap fabric and lace. The legs are made of wires and the eyeballs are old "Bedazzler" pieces. I have finally found a use for those previously useless things. Below is our guest book.

This book is quite special. A very special friend handed this wooden portfolio (handcrafted by her grandmother) to me a while ago and said "I know you can use this for something." I figured I would since wooden found objects are my favorite things to paint on. So, I filled the book with paper and slapped a pair o' birds on the cover. The birds are made of scrap fabric and the legs and heart are painted on with acrylic paint.

This is a look inside the book. "Guests, please sign" is stamped on the opening page with a stamp of two birdies on the bottom of each page in the book. Below is a bouquet that I handcrafted for each of my six bridesmaids, completely crafted out of scrap fabric.

Below is my husbands "Button-eer." I created one of these for each groomsman as well.
They wore them on their shirt pockets.

Below is a pic of Susan. She kept interrupting the photo shoot. She wanted to make an appearance on Kasleberry Blogfest.

These jars below are the wedding favors. I tried to make as many as I could, hoping that at least each family attending the wedding would get one. They are recycled jars from our Trader Joe's shopping spree. Each jar has a one of a kind drawing inside of two birds in love. I was so happy to see that all of these jars were gone before the reception was over. What can I say...people love birds.

This jar below is my personal favorite. I wonder who got this one???

Good bye for now! We will be back soon!